I have a Schmidt with the matching RL half open back 2x12 Diezel TT ceramic hemp speakers.

There ain't nothing better sounding to my ears.

I have been playing Diezel amps and speaker cabs for over 10 years now. I have 2x12 RL G12-H loaded Diezel cab, and an Einstein combo with a Vintage 30 in it. Prior to that I had both a VH4 and a Herbert.

I don't play metal, but other then that, I play a lot of diverse types of music. The tone from a TT ceramic hemp cab is beyond organic. While it takes about 25-30 hours to break the speakers in, they still sounded amazing to me right from the start.

The trebles are not harsh sounding at all, as with regular paper cones. I compared my other Diezel cab with the broken in G12-H Celestions to the new TT ceramic hemp Schmidt cab when it was new.

The broken in cab that I loved, sounded harsh after listening to the hemp speakers. I never noticed it prior to hearing the difference.

When I play out, I don't use the amp's controls much after setting them flat, but I did try to goose the treble several times and never got an ear-piercing harsh bite from the TT hemps, no matter how high I raised the treble dial. Now after they have been broken in, the speakers keep sounding even more natural and organic. I use an XOX Handle with two hummers in it as my only guitar.

I tried using another speaker cab with the Schmidt, and noticed the difference in tone immediately.

With the Diezel hemp-loaded cab, the Schmidt became more alive, touch sensitive, and organic sounding immediately.

If you haven't tried the Diezel RL TT ceramic hemp cab, you are really doing yourself and the Diezel amp you own a disservice. Your ears will not believe the difference, in a very positive way.

I understand that these cabs might not fit with other Diezel amps for certain styles of music, but I like playing commercial music of all types, and have not found the TT hemp cab to be lacking for anything I play.

Of course, being old and almost deaf, what do I know?! Your experience may vary. However, I trust what Peter and Olaf have told me, as they have far more experience with these speakers then I ever have. Whatever they tell me, I do, without question. But that's just me.

Post subject: Re: Any opinions on diezels with hemp cone speakers

PostPosted:  Fri, Feb 25, 2011 7:34am by User C-4